The European Commission proposed on Monday that vaccinated people should be exempt from testing or quarantines when travelling from one EU country to another, and urged a gradual easing of travel measures as COVID-19 inoculations accelerate.

The EU reached a deal earlier this month on COVID-19 certificates that will show, via a QR code, whether a person is vaccinated, immune based on recovery from infection or has had a recent negative test. The scheme should be ready by July 1.

The European Union executive, which is seeking to end a current patchwork of travel measures across the bloc, said on Monday that testing or quarantines should not apply to people who have been fully vaccinated 14 days prior to travel.

About half of EU adults have received a first vaccine dose.

People who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection should be exempt from restrictions for 180 days. The Commission also proposed that more reliable, but more expensive PCR tests should be valid for 72 hours and rapid antigen tests for 48 hours.

Children, who are not yet in line for vaccinations, should not have to undergo a quarantine if travelling with parents who are exempt. Those aged six and older can be subject to tests.

The Commission has also included an “emergency brake” to re-impose measures for travellers from areas where there is a surge of infections or many cases of a particular virus variant.

Travel from “dark red” areas, with more than 150 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over 14 days, would be “strongly discouraged”, while for green areas, with fewer than 25 cases, no restrictions would apply, the Commission proposal said.

Only Malta is currently green.

The proposal, which will is being put to EU member states, is similar to that already agreed for travel from outside the bloc for vaccinated travellers and those coming from “safe” countries, although tests can still apply.

Source: Reuters

  1. The European definition of a CAMEL is “a horse designed by a committee of bureaucrats from Berlaymont” (for the uninitiated, it is an office building in Brussels which houses headquarters of the European Commission).

    It seems that those mental midgets in Brussels have used similar procedures when formulating ‘E.C.-approved’ plans for travelling within the European Union !

    What on Earth will these useless individuals do to occupy their time when the E.U. collapses in a total heap because of continual incompetence displayed by themselves and those left-wing nincompoops
    in charge ?

  2. The time, effort and cost of the EU in Brussels is far bigger than any benefit that the ordinary citizen gets from it.
    On virtually every thing EU gets involved in it is a complete failure. Examples, economic growth, the euro and the migrant problem.
    China is the only power that is a united country but that is only because of the totalitarian state. Russia has a lot of problems within its borders but will always unite to fight its opponents. USA used to be supreme leaders but now their country is deeply divided and simply could not fight a war and win against either China or Russia.
    Then comes the EU trying to be a superpower! History shows us very clearly that Europe has NEVER been united as a continent. Read the history of German France Austria etc and you will see nothing except temporary periods of peace with the normal times being times of war. The EU worked in the decades after WW2 because cooperation between countries was voluntary. Each country had a veto which actually was not used that often.once the Veto was removed the power was then concentrated in Brussels and into the hands of a tiny number of people.
    In my humble opinion, EU can only be peaceful if member states agree things voluntarily .so long as Brussels are in charge nothing will ever get resolved!

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