Brussels (MTI) – Hungarians’ overall life satisfaction is below the European Union average, the new Eurostat flagship publication “Quality of life in Europe – facts and views” published on Monday shows.

On a scale which ranges from 0 (“not satisfied at all”) to 10 (“fully satisfied”), Hungarians scored 6.2, the same as the Greeks, Cypriots and Portuguese.

The EU average life overall indicator came to 7.1 and the highest score of 8 was set by Denmark, Finland and Sweden, while the lowest score of 4.8 by Bulgaria.

The life overall satisfaction indicator was calculated from eight different aspects of life in 2013. The categories surveyed were personal relationships, accommodation, commuting time, living environment, green and recreational areas, job, time use and financial situation.

Hungarians reached the highest average score of 7.6 in personal relationships and the lowest of 5.2 in financial situation. The EU average for the latter category was 6.

Hungarians’ level of satisfaction averaged 6.8 in accommodation, 7.1 in commuting time, 6.5 in living environment, 6.2 in green and recreational areas, 7.1 in their job, and 6.3 in time use.

The statistics cover the population aged 16 and over, except for satisfaction with job and commuting time which cover the employed population.


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