Luxembourg, February 8 (MTI) – Hungarian internet users were the second most affected by security issues in the European Union last year, a report released by Eurostat marking Safer Internet Day (Feb. 9) shows.

Fully 39 percent of Hungarian internet users experienced security-related problems in 2015, well above the EU average of 25 percent. Hungary was ranked just ahead of Portugal, where 36 percent of users encountered trouble, and Malta, where 34 percent of users experienced security issues. Croatian users were most affected with 42 percent of netizens running into problems.

The report said that internet users in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands were least affected by security problems, with only 10 percent of Czech and 11 percent of Dutch users encountering issues.

Most users encountered security issues in the form of computer viruses. Fully 36 percent of Hungarian users caught some sort of virus in 2015, down from 46 percent in 2014. The EU average for computer viruses came to 21 percent.

The share of users who caught a virus or other computer infection resulting in loss of information or time dropped in all member states with the exception of Croatia.


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