vígmolnár csárda balaton chicken soup restaurant
Chicken soup with paprika and sour cream at Vígmolnár Csárda

Restaurant owners’ say that it is getting harder and harder every year to find skilled workers around Lake Balaton during the summer season. Penzcentrum.hu made a list of the best restaurants around Lake Balaton, so if you are looking for quality dishes, check them out.

Those with experience are asking for salaries that they cannot pay, while students who would only need a seasonal job are better off looking for something abroad. With the shortage of chefs and cooks, it seems like there will be Balaton restaurants and bistros that cannot stay open every day of the week. Others may not even be able to open at all.

Of course, the situation is not that bad everywhere. Some renowned Michelin-starred chefs are working in nice restaurants, since this area is the second gastronomic centre of the country after Budapest.


More and more people see the potential in Balaton, and the restaurants in the area are becoming more and more popular.

The 10 best restaurants on the North shore

• Vígmolnár Csárda – Csopak

• Kővirág – Köveskál

• Bistro Sparhelt- Balatonfüred

• Villa Medici Étterem – Veszprém

• Villa Kabala -Szigliget

• Nem Kacsa – Balatonfüred

• Horváth-ház – Balatonfüred

• Baricska Csárda – Balatonfüred

• Karolina Fűszerkert -Tihany

• Tilia Borvendéglő – Badacsonytomaj

The 10 best restaurants on the South shore

• Kistücsök Étterem – Balatonszemes

• Hubertus-Hof – Balatonfenyves

• Mala Garden – Siófok

• Öreg Harang Borozó – Hévíz

• Pura Vida Port – Keszthely

• Lavender Terasz -Balatonvilágos

• Farm Inn Fogadó – Zalacsány

• Gianpiero’s Étterem – Balatonboglár

• Rozmaring Kiskert – Siófok, Balatonszéplak

• Majthényi Présház -Balatonlelle

Of course, this quality comes at a higher price. Penzcentrum.hu looked at the menus to see how much it would cost for a family to dine in one of these Balaton restaurants. In the Vígmolnár tavern in Csopak, a family could have lunch for about 22,000 Ft (67 Euros), but this does not include any beverages. Appetizers are around 2000 Ft (6 Euros), soups are between 1290 and 2600 Ft (4 and 8 Euros). The main courses are all below 4000 Ft (12 Euros), and there is a separate children’s menu with items for 2000 Ft (6 Euros). Desserts are around 1150 (3.5 Euros) to 2150 (6.5 Euros).

Pura Vida in Keszthely has similar prices. Maybe the desserts are a bit cheaper, but the main courses are a bit more expensive.


The 10 best bistros:

• Kalóz Strandbisztró – Balatonudvari

• Chef Beach – Zamárdi-felső

• Code Zero – Csopak

• A Konyhám – Balatonfenyves

• Vitorlás Bisztró – Keszthely

• Tiki Beach Bisztró – Zamárdi

• Paletta Siófok – Szabadifürdő

• Ibolya büfé – Balatonboglár

• Nádas – Révfülöp

• András büfé – Balatonszemes

At the Vitorlás Bisztró, you can get lunch for about 10,000 Ft (30 Euros) for a family of four. The main courses cost around 2,000 Ft (6 Euros) per person.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/pg/vigmolnar.csarda

Source: penzcentrum.hu

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