The greatest music and cultural festival in Europe becomes 25 years old this year, so Dreher came up with a new light festival beer for the occasion.

Dreher is the oldest partner of Sziget Festival, as it provides the thirsty audience with beer since 1995. As claims, approximately 18 million pints of beer have been consumed by the guests during this quarter of a century; 312,000 people purchased some of the hop drinks only last year. 80 bars awaited the guests with 500 taps on the entire territory of the Óbudai Island, not to mention the 220 cans in the fridges.

That might be the reason why Dreher prepared some specialty for the jubilee: that is the Sziget Beer.

The beer manufacture has been the partner  of the festival for 23 years, and they intend to celebrate this partnership properly.

“We were planning to make a special gift, so our master brewers have been working on developing a unique brew, the Sziget Beer”, contact manager Zita Szederkényi stated.

17,922,600 pints have been sold since the first opening of Sziget.

Master brewer Gábor Becz mentioned that Sziget Beer is made with cold hop technology from Centennial hop, which is often used for IPA beers. They tend to call it Super Cascade, as it has e similar taste, but two times more alpha acid (7-12%). This new brew tastes like citrus with a flowery aroma.

The end-result is a light summer beer, but with a less characteristic taste a less alcohol than the other cold hop products of the brewery. It will be available for all the guests of the festival that is being held between 9th and 16th of August. Sziget Beer is a splendid choice for the duration of the festival, as we can consume lots of it without getting into a state that makes us do thing that we might regret later.

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