Twenty-three Hungarian beers were awarded at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup competition, and the grand prize was taken by a Hungarian brewery as well, reports.

The Dublin Craft Beer Cup was part of the Alltech Brews and Food Fair, held on February 23-25. 370 European brews competed at the cup, among which were 44 beers from 10 Hungarian breweries. The results – 2 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 14 bronze medals – are a huge achievement for the Hungarian small-scale artisanal beer production.

The grand prize was awarded to the Saison Witbier wheat beer, produced by Horizont brewery. The beer also won a gold medal given by the 28-member international jury, together with Fűtőház brewery’s stout called 327-139. Fűtőház, Hopfanatic, HopTop, Mad Scientists, Mecénás Sörműhely and Synthesis Brewing Co. were awarded silver and bronze medals, while the Etyeki Sörmanufaktúra, Monyo Brewing Co. and RothBeer all won bronze medals.

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“This competition used to be dominated by stouts, but today, many other high quality brews compete for the recognition,” said Gearoid Cahill, head judge of the Dublin Craft Beer Cup and the European Director of Brewing Science at Alltech.


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