According to, three speedway constructions are scheduled to be completed in August, 2016 in Hungary; therefore, has ranked speedway construction investments based on how much each costs per metre.

1. M35 motorway – HUF 3.17 million (EUR 10 000) per metre

The first phase of the construction of M35 motorway, which will connect expressways 4 and 481 on 2×2 travel lanes, is scheduled to be completed by January, 2018. The section will be 5.43 kilometres long, touching Debrecen and Ebes. The total cost of the investment is HUF 17.2 billion (EUR 55.4 million), which means that each metre costs HUF 3.17 million (EUR 10 000) to construct.

2. M85 motorway – HUF 3.1 million (EUR 9 900) per metre

This investment is aimed at facilitating the drive between Gyõr and Sopron on a new 2×2 travel lane section. In that context, the second phase of the 4.45 kilometres long Csorna bypass section is constructed, costing HUF 13.8 billion (EUR 44.4 million). Among others, the investment includes four artworks. The construction works are expected to be finished by April, 2018.

3. M30 motorway – HUF 2.57 million (EUR 8 300) per metre

The M30 motorway connects the M3 motorway to Miskolc. It is planned to extend the M30 to meet the Slovak R4 expressway near the border town of Tornyosnémeti. The 1.7 kilometres long section costs HUF 4.38 billion (EUR 14.1 million), which means that each metre costs HUF 2.57 million (EUR 8300) to construct. The motorway will be opened to public in December, 2017.

4. M35 motorway – 2.3 million (EUR 7400) per metre

The M35 motorway and the 481 expressway will be connected at Berettyóújfalu. The section will be 20 kilometres long, the construction of which will cost HUF 47 billion (EUR 151 million). The construction works are scheduled to be completed by December, 2018.

5. M86 motorway – 1.97 million (EUR 6300) per metre

This section will connect Hegyfalu with Csorna. The more than 33 kilometres long 2×2 lane section will cost HUF 66 billion (EUR 212.5 million), which means that its price per metre remains below HUF 2 million (EUR 6400). The investments also includes thirty-one artworks, two animal gateways, and three multilevel road junctions. The section is expected to be opened to drivers this autumn.


Further investments

There are three other constructions that will be completed in August, 2016. The junction where the M0 and M7 motorways meet (Törökbálint) will be reconstructed from HUF 1.37 billion (EUR 4.4 million). Also, close to the M7 motorway at Érd, a traffic light junction will be deployed from HUF 1.35 billion (EUR 4.3 million). Furthermore, a noise barrier will be built between motorways M7 and M6 from HUF 1.76 billion (EUR 5.7 million).

translated by Gábor Hajnal


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