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Extended bike-share services provided by Donkey Republic in Budapest

Extended bike-share services provided by Donkey Republic in Budapest

A new public bicycle service is going to be introduced for Hungarian citizens by extending the services of the Donkey Republic, a public bike-share startup. reports that Donkey Republic tries to reach more and more local citizens by its system that makes bike rental possible and provides more favourable prices to locals through the Donkey Republic app available on smartphones. The companies that make bike rental possible from different locations, with the help of an app, have been on the market for some time and are present in Europe, thus in Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, as well.

The Donkey Republic, present in Hungary since the spring of 2017,

hopes that its public bike system would encourage even more Hungarian people to ride bicycles, as it is the most effective and endurable form of transportation.

What makes the rental of the orange-coloured bikes truly special and easy to use is that everything happens through the smartphone app. The good-quality bikes can be rented at lots of locations, even at areas which are, presently, not reachable by the services of MOL Bubi. The opening and closing of the lock is done through Bluetooth with a simple touch on the screen.

Photo: Donkey Republic

Photo: Donkey Republic

The introduction of the new public cycling membership makes it cheaper and simpler for Hungarian citizens to have access to one of the 300 bikes of Donkey Republic.

The membership in Budapest provides the same discounts in all the Donkey Republic cities and the introduction of the 2-membership package even grants special promotion for the 1st subscribers.

By offering membership opportunities, the Donkey Republic ( aims at extending its services in Budapest. It provides assistance to the customers who would like to have access to good-quality and easily rideable bikes in a simple and fast way. A further advantage of the bikes is that they do not necessarily have to be given back at a station within 30 minutes. Furthermore, the Donkey Republic bikes can be found in many other European cities and

the membership in Budapest allows the same discount in prices for bike rental in other Donkey Republic cities.

Donkey Republic, in the framework of endurability, advocates accessible and qualitative urban cycling. The start-up was set up in 2015, in Copenhagen by 4 people with the idea of uplifting cycling to be the hero of urban transportation and consequently, making cities greener, liveable and less congested areas to live. Since then, at least 80,000 customers have made use of their service. Nowadays, they are present with more than 4,000 bikes in more than 40 cities in the world.

translated by Lilla Mezei

Photo: Donkey Republic

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