According to the pronouncement of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters, a woman, her husband and their child were found dead in Hajdúszoboszló Monday night. writes that the woman’s cadaver was found in their home, located in a block of flats in Hajdúszoboszló. Based on the gathered information, the police started looking for her 45-year-old husband and 6-year-old child, who were found dead a few hours later at a woody area near the eastern main canal, between Kaba and Hajdúszovát. It is believed that the family had a vacation house there.

The circumstances of the tragic events are still being investigated with the help of a judicial-medical expert. Details haven’t been released about the connection between the deaths so far.

According to a previous report, the father, László B. and his son Kristóf Milán B. got lost on the 1st of September. Moreover, the local television reported when the firemen and policemen broke into the house, where the woman’s cadaver was found.

Based on the information of MTI’s reporter, the man made his son drink poison in the forest to then do the same thing to himself. His wife killed herself at home by cutting her veins.

MTI believes that the woman worked as a masseur in the local spa, while her husband worked at the Tourinform office until 2014. According to his acquaintances, he couldn’t digest the fact that he was fired, which might have been one of the reasons that led to the tragic events.

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