Budapest Airport has installed self-service luggage check-in counters at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Thanks to the system which is currently being tested, the process of checking in luggage will be much more comfortable and faster for passengers.

There are two-two self-service luggage check-ins in both terminals currently at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The benefit of the service is that those passengers who are travelling with one of the airlines that are a part of this development can check in their luggage fast and comfortably, reports

The point of the system is for passengers to be able to print out the luggage tag and put it on themselves, after scanning the code on their (printed or electronic) boarding passes. After that, they can easily check in their suitcases by scanning the tags at the automatic counter.

Wizz Air was the first to join the newly introduced service, at first with a limited number of flights a day. The number of flights allowing the self-service check-in will increase as the test run goes on, and more and more airlines will join the development, providing more and more passengers with the possibility of checking in their luggage themselves.

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“Raising the standards of passenger services is our main priority. The self-service luggage check-in not only makes the process of checking luggage in faster but makes it significantly more comfortable too,” said Péter Huszka, traffic manager at Budapest Airport. “After the test run, we will significantly develop the self-service luggage check-in at the terminals, and we hope that after Wizz Air, many more airlines will join the world-wide known system,” he added.

Budapest Airport has made an over €100,000 development in the past months, with the collaboration of German Materna Gmbh, which transported the system.

If anyone happens to have any questions, the employees working at the information counter will be of service to them.

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