After installing two brand-new checkpoints at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, the leadership decided on installing another one inside the building. 

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Forbes reported that the project would result in a new checkpoint at Terminal 2B. With this latest installation, the airport will have eighteen security corridors in total. 

With the most modern technology, the checkpoint will be able to take the empty treys back after passengers finished with the security process. 

The average time of waiting remained below the standard and required 15 minutes, but with this new point, the airport expects to reduce this time. 

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The investment costs 440 million HUF (1,280 thousand EUR). 

The airport aims to make security checks more efficient and considers the investing of these installations as its primary duty. These include buying more containers for liquids, more treys, and the opportunity that since October, passengers can leave their electronic devices inside the luggage. 

Since the number of passengers at the airport keeps increasing, investments almost happen daily. 

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