A father arrived home to find his 3-year-old son, Petike murdered by his own mother in Kunszentmárton, Hungary. The woman might have been suffering from depression.

Júlia T. (32), stabbed his son in the heart last Friday. According to locals the family lived among good conditions, everyone liked them, and that is why they cannot fathom what had happened, wrote Origo.

The house, where the hideous crime took place, is now lined with candles and stuffed animals.

Several local people told Bors that they had seen Peti’s mother – whom they had known to be calm – acting weird the day before the tragedy.

“She did not raise a hand at him, but she dragged Peti along the street and talked to him loudly. But he was a calm, smiley boy; he did not throw a fit,” someone from the neighbourhood revealed.

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At the time of the murder, Peti’s father, Péter B., was not home, his grandmother was in the house. She was the one who ran to the pub across the street with the bloodied child in her arms.

“She stormed in, crying, begging for help,” a man recalled the events.

Péter B. then arrived home with his daughter, who he had gone to pick up from kindergarten. The shocked man probably knew instantly that something horrible had happened. He ran to his wife.

There is no opinion from an expert yet, but the woman might have had depression.

According to Bors, Júlia has not yet been taken to be examined at the Forensic Observatory and Mental Institution. Whether she goes to prison or an institute will be determined on Tuesday.

Source: origo.hu

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