An illegal bill-producing criminal association stole more than 1 billion HUF (3 million EUR), which was discovered by Hungarian and foreign authorities. The Hungarian leader of the criminal group was caught in the United States with the help of the FBI.

HVG reported that the criminals produced and validated fake bills for computer companies that sent money following these bills’ instructions. The illegal money – which was legal in the criminals’ eyes – was then spent on estates, luxurious cars, and travelling.

From the leader of the group, two cars worth 100 million HUF (295,000 EUR) were taken by the authorities in Komárom-Esztergom County.

Hungary caught the members of the group with the help of the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and the United States of America. The authorities searched 162 different places in Hungary, Poland, England, and Slovakia to find evidence. In many places, illegal drugs, Bitcoins, and luxurious cars were found. The authorities also cooperated with computer engineers during the investigation.

The leader of the criminals was caught by the FBI in the USA. The criminals will face the court soon.


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