Budapest, February 26 (MTI) – All costs related to resetting meters in connection with fee changes in utility bills must be covered by suppliers, Szilard Nemeth, a lawmaker of ruling Fidesz said, announcing a government decision today.

The decision follows a Fidesz-sponsored proposal to significantly reduce or scrap base fees in utilities bills earlier this week.

Fidesz wants consumers to be relieved of the cost of changing their meters, and it wants meters to be synchronised with billing, Antal Rogan, the party’s parliamentary group leader, said on Monday.

The MPs also want a review of hook-up fees as well as money channelled towards developments, he added.

Nemeth, who heads a working group in charge of the utilities fees reductions, said they would start drafting the related legal framework today. The measure would apply to all types of meters and would be enacted as soon as possible, he said.

For the related draft law to be passed, an extraordinary session of parliament may be convened if need be.

He also said that the government had decided to order an investigation into Budapest gas company Fogaz from the point of view of consumer protection to be carried out together by the national energy regulator and consumer protection agencies.

Meanwhile, the government’s spokesman said today that a “strict and full” investigation of electricity suppliers Elmu and Emasz would be carried out by the Hungarian Energy Regulation Office (MEKH). The investigation follows a report that the companies were planning to bring forward their annual general meetings to before the general election with a view to paying out dividends. The government insists this is an attempt by the company to divert funds.

Photo: MTI


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