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Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has called on György Gémesi, the Mayor of Gödöllő, north-east of Budapest, “to reveal what kind of immigration pacts he is keeping from” local residents. Gémesi’s party rejects the charge of entering into a secret pact on migration.

Fidesz MP László Vécsey in a statement on Monday accused the mayor of “forming an alliance with one of Europe’s most extreme pro-migration political groups”.

Reports say that Gémesi’s party, Új Kezdet, in February joined the European Democratic Party. Vécsey said

the party sits in the European Parliament with “an extreme liberal group that fights for the introduction of the migrant quota”.

He accused Gémesi of being “openly opposed to the will of the city”, insisting that 98 percent of local residents objected to the quota system for relocating migrants.

Új Kezdet said in a statement on Monday that it categorically rejected reports in Magyar Nemzet and Echo TV that it had joined Guy Verhofstadt’s liberal ALDE group in the EP.

Whereas the EDP and ALDE form a group in the EP, they are nonetheless two separate parties whose views differ on many issues, the statement said. Uj Kezdet is not associated with ALDE and will not be in the future either, the statement added.

The party promotes the EU’s efforts to handle the migration crisis at its source, thereby reducing migration, he said, adding that several parties within the EDP are pushing for decisive action to halt migration.

The media outlets in question did not seek a comment from Új Kezdet, which regards the reports to be misleading, the statement said.

Source: MTI

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