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Ruling Fidesz has called on Hungary’s opposition MEPs to reject the Sargentini report in a vote in the European Parliament next week, a lawmaker of the party said on Sunday.

In the upcoming vote “pro-migrant forces will seek to outcast Hungary and the Hungarian people for their stance rejecting migrants overall,” László Böröcz told a press conference. He added that Hungarian opposition MEPs will have a chance to show whether they stand on the side of pro-migration groups or the Hungarian people.

Böröcz called the report authored by Green MEP Judith Sargentini a “political pamphlet” prepared to attack Hungary “with help from the Soros empire”.

He called it “farcical” that “a comprehensive report was prepared by an MEP about the situation in Hungary who had visited the country only twice or three times and states criticism over issues that Hungary and the European Commission had settled a long time ago”.

According to the report there is a “clear risk of a serious breach by Hungary of the values of the European Union”.

The EP is scheduled to vote on the report approved in June by the EP’s civil liberties committee (LIBE) on September 12.

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  1. As Sargentini likes to be ‘important’ I will draw her attention to the letter of Mr. Dijkgraaf:
    Letter to Judith Sargentini – from Jan Dijkgraaf
    Dear Judith,
    On May 18 2018 you twittered: There is no proof for the assumption that IS-fighters come to Europe on board of refugee boats. You mentioned this hystery. In the first part of your tweet you were right. There was on May 18 no proof. Only, people from your party, the socialists, and other so-called ‘Join us clubs’ mention this often and this causes an underbelly feeling. That is why your opinion on May 18 about people who mention the fact that between the so-called fugitives and other asylum-seekers that landed on the shores of South-Europe is not so understandable. You called them hysterious people, but where is your hard judgement based on? Now we know the at least two killers were between the fugitives (parasites) and they destroy our continent. This was proved by the fact that one of the killers carried a passport! No, from one of the killers even fingerprints were taken when he arrived in Greece. From there he could travel free to other European countries because of the Shengen-agreement. You should focus yourself on that information instead of starting attacks on Hungary. You know well, unless you are sleeping, that Hungary is committed to the Shengen-agreement if you like this or not. Hungary is protecting also other Northern-European countries as well!
    Dear Judith, MEP and member of the Dutch socialist party GL, you must do the following three things:
    1. Offer your humble excuses to those hysterious people (as you called them) and don’t dare to suggest that always one ‘lone wolf’ can slip through the fence, because wolves hunt in packs!
    2. Close all borders as soon as possible, as Hungary has done and check people at the borders;
    3. Start with this even today (September 12 2018) and clean the toilets as mentioned before.
    Jan Dijkgraaf
    You keep on twittering in an ugly was, Judith. On September 8, 2018 you mentioned: It seems to me the closed borders are specially ment to let killers escape from France. Hollande, who can know it better than you said during his speech: Nous devons nous assurer que personne ne pourra rentrer pour commettre quelque acte que ce soit. Now is my French not so good, but according to me he said: We must assure ourselves that nobody can come in to execute any action to our people. That is the truth, Judith and I can’t help is that you are wrong again. It is a good plan to leave the EU-parliament because people can only laugh about your stupidity and others can only cry.

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