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Ruling Fidesz MEPs Tamás Deutsch and Balázs Hidvéghi and co-ruling Christian Democrat MEP Gyorgy Hölvényi published an open letter on Fidesz‘s website addressed to president of the European People’s Party Donald Tusk on Thursday.

“We have learned with astonishment that in a recent Spiegel interview you basically called the Hungarian Prime Minister a Nazi,” the open letter published in English said.

“We hereby express our profound indignation and categorically reject your statement,” they added.

The MEPs said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had “never said or done anything to deserve such parallels”.

They added that “political disagreements are a normal phenomenon in any democracy”.

“However, calling a political opponent a Nazi without any justification has so far only been a well-known tool of the Left against conservative politicians and parties,”

they said. “It is all the more disappointing to see the leader of a Christian-democratic party do the same.”

“Calling someone a Nazi without justification is also a disgrace towards the millions of people – Jews and others – who suffered under Nazi terror,” the letter added.

The MEPs said that “however extraordinary these times may be, political leaders must remain worthy of the office they hold.”

“We believe these comments go way too far and should be rectified,” they added, concluding the open letter.

Read here the original article by Der Spiegel


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    As you are aware from the so-called “WEHRMACHT AFFAIR” – involving your grandfather’s PROVEN involvement in the Wehrmacht within Poland during World War 2 – labelling someone a Nazi or associated with those individuals WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION is unacceptable.

    Your recent interview in ‘Der Spiegel’ where you basically say that the Prime Minister of Hungary – Viktor Orban – is a NAZI shows an appalling lack of political acumen, especially coming from someone of your background as a so-called leader of the European Union.

    You should IMMEDIATELY resign from all political posts and go into long-overdue retirement.

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