Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party condemned on Wednesday the “repeated and continual harassment” of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia (Kárpátalja) by the Ukrainian authorities.

Fidesz said the actions were clearly aimed at intimidation and were anti-minority and anti-European.

“It is shocking that Ukraine, striving for NATO and European Union membership, uses such methods in the 21st century, and treats a peaceful national minority … in such a way,” Fidesz said.

The actions of intimidation by the authorities are attempts to severely restrict Transcarpathian Hungarians in acting on their rights guaranteed by Ukraine’s constitution and international treaties, and nurturing their national identity and culture, it added.

Fidesz called on the Ukrainian government to immediately stop the hostile actions and to make arrangements to improve the situation.

The party called on the Hungarian government to make every effort in bilateral and international relations to prevent similar actions from happening in the future.

hungarians in ukraine
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Source: MTI

  1. A hundred years ago, Hungary abandoned my father when he was just 9 years old. He was born a Hungarian. HIs father was a Hungarian. His mother was Hungarian. Hungary has told me that I do not have a path to citizenship because of the Treaty of Trianon. But, Hungary is worried about ethnic Hungarians in the Ukraine. OK then, if Hungary does not want me as a citizen, I will just wait for my 90 day extension to expire and the retune to what was my home country. Sad for me.

  2. @Geo Graphy
    Incredible story! So you don’t have any knowledge of your parents, grandparents, births’s, birth places, friends or cousins. You don’t have any records of anything, and are clueless of any religious activities? Maybe your dad just said they were Hungarian as they were migrating from another place, not uncommon back then.

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