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(MTI) – The idea of dismantling the fence along Hungary’s border with Serbia is “extremely dangerous” as it would compromise the security of not only Hungary but Europe as a whole, cabinet office chief Antal Rogán told a public forum on Friday evening.

Rogan responded to remarks by László Botka, the opposition Socialist Party’s prime ministerial candidate, telling a Reuters conference on Wednesday that, if elected to power, he would “dismantle the fence as soon as European Union border protection controls are in place and the situation in the Middle East calms down”.

Rogán said Botka’s remarks demonstrated that Hungary’s political left has clearly assigned themselves to serving Brussels’ policy of promoting migration in line with US financier George Soros’ concept.

The Hungarian government will not yield to any pressure to change its migration policy, it will maintain the fence along its southern border and keep the transit zones closed, Rogán asserted.

Europe must be defended at the Hungarian border, he said, insisting that without a fence in place, migrants would flow unimpeded into Hungary to make their way further to the west. He criticised the EU’s pro-migration policy pointing out the possibility of terrorist acts.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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