Budapest, September 2 (MTI) – Hungary is the only Schengen country affected by migration which is sticking to the letter of the law, the deputy head of parliament’s national security committee said on Wednesday.

Fidesz lawmaker Szilard Nemeth told public news channel M1 that leaders of the Visegrad Four countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) will meet on Friday to discuss migration issues.

A consensus is likely to be reached since the positions of these countries are very close and they all agree that the European Union’s borders must be protected, he said. As a Schengen country, Hungary is legally protecting not only its own borders but also the EU’s, he added.

The EU is unable to find a solution to the problem of migration and it has “irresponsible politicians making even more irresponsible statements” encouraging “these unfortunate people to claim that they are Syrian…” The EU has a legal system which includes the Schengen arrangements and the Dublin Regulation, so the situation could be managed if these are followed, he said.

Genuine refugees can enter Hungary legally and “there is no need for them to storm Hungary through illegal entry points and rip up their documents”, Nemeth said.

The situation in Austria is a warning to all — especially to people concerned about European values — that every country will set up border controls if migrants are not stopped at the Schengen border, he added.

Photo: MTI


  1. Hey Hungary, you are small but brave country with a common sense. Keep it up and do not give up defending our European home and our judeo-christian values.

  2. My sympathy to the Hungarian people. You did not vote for Merkel as your leader. One would think Europe is puppet states under the boot of political oligarchs.

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