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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, September 17 (MTI) – The pressure has decreased at the Hungarian-Serbian border but the problem of mass migration has not yet been resolved; the European Union needs to find a common solution that is “not purely based on quotas”, the incoming group leader of the ruling Fidesz-Christion Democrats said on Thursday.

Lajos Kosa told a press conference during a group meeting in Velence in central Hungary that the pressure was huge on Hungary’s southern borders but the authorities and civil organisation fulfilled their tasks excellently. Police action was proportionate and the police often tolerated even more than what could have been assumed as reasonable based on the photographs, he added.

He called for a common European solution and said that the proposed quota system poses further questions instead of offering a solution. For instance how the migrants distributed under the quotas could be kept in their designated country when the majority want to go to Germany, Denmark or Sweden, he said.

The protection of EU borders is a priority and if a member state is not able to fulfil that, like Greece cannot, then the EU must help, Kosa said. The quota proposal also disregards the fact that millions of people want to come to Europe, far more than the highest figure mentioned among the possible quotas.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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