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Budapest (MTI) – A ruling Fidesz official declared “amazement” on Sunday that the European Parliament, which has proposed invoking Article 7 against Hungary, at the same time has “exculpated and protected a migrant convicted of terrorism”.

Szilárd Németh, deputy head of the Fidesz parliamentary group, told a news conference that a Syrian man known as Ahmed H. had been sentenced to serve ten years in prison by a Hungarian court for using a megaphone to direct migrants who were attacking the Hungarian border in mid-September 2015.

The Fidesz politician said the EP’s defence of the Syrian proved that its decision to propose triggering the procedure against Hungary had been motived by the country’s refusal to allow illegal migrants on to its territory.

He said Brussels had resorted to tougher action than at any time before, but “Hungary is joining together with the people and will endure to the very end” because the country’s sovereignty and the people’s security come first.

Németh said it was “unprecedented and inexplicable” that Hungarian left-wing MEPs had voted in support of the EP proposal.

Asked what the government would do about the EP resolution, he noted that Hungary is a member of the European Union and that the EU has rules. If the EU finds that Hungary has a case to answer in some way, then the government will negotiate but will not depart from its standpoint.

Source: MTI

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