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The condition of the Chain Bridge is deteriorating, its renovation must begin without delay, the leader of ruling Fidesz’s Budapest chapter said on Thursday.

Zsolt Láng told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio that pieces in the bridge’s structure might start to come off posing danger to ship traffic and vehicles on the riverbank, citing reports by experts.

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He said that Gergely Karácsony, the city mayor, had agreed in January to go ahead with the iconic bridge’s renovation, but has failed to take any concrete steps on the matter ever since.

Láng said Karácsony “is using the Chain Bridge as a political tool in the fight against the government”.

The Chain Bridge is a landmark of Budapest, it is the mayor’s responsibility to immediately start its renovation, Láng said.

Láng said the government has already earmarked 6 billion forints (EUR 07.3m) for the project in addition to the 17.3 billion set aside by István Tarlós, the previous mayor.

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“The Budapest municipality has a budget of 300 billion forints which means it has sufficient resources to start the renovation,” Láng said.

Source: MTI

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  1. It’s time spline – hardened backbone was seen exercised by the main player, ultimately Responsible in the Future of our iconic Chain Bridge, stretching their Muscles of Power of Responsibility, in the correct application – Democratically – and resolved this Saga.
    We all know, the Grand Old Lady – of the Danube, cherished, adored and loved by us Hungarians, and by million of tourists visitors yearly that visit our magnificent historical beautiful Capital City – Budapest, Hungary.
    Age does weary us, tires us, and that the Chain Bridge, respecting and accepting fully, engineering advice, she needs the weight immediately taken off her shoulders.
    I have commented in the near past, what I believe her needs are in her face lift and strengthening, and the new use of the Grand Old Lady of the Danube, what and how she should be used.
    My focus much centers on the removal of motor vehicles and motor bikes, permitting taxi’s and freight carries to a low tonnage capacity, and push bikes and the continuation of Bus 16.
    People being able to walk the Chain Bridge – without fear of endless streams of motor vehicles, motor bikes, heavy haulage trucks, in a polluted air environment, creating greater wider walking space, that enables, a relax enjoyable viewing of The Castle or back over the City, up and down the Danube, to Parliament and other Magical awe-inspiring unique sights, that are ours and special in Europe and the World, our Capital City – Budapest, Hungary.
    Stop this procrastination – this bureaucratic senseless power game – and reinvent the Grand Old Lady of our beloved Danube – that exhibits and displays – US – the optimistic bright Future, continuing under the Quality of Leadership guided by Prime Minister – Victor Orban & his Government – that is Budapest, Hungary.
    Stay Well – ALL.

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