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Fidesz: Soros ‘brazenly lobbying’ in Brussels against Hungary

Fidesz: Soros ‘brazenly lobbying’ in Brussels against Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Hungarian-born US financier George Soros has started “brazen, intense lobbying” in Brussels against Hungary, the Fidesz deputy group leader told a press conference on Wednesday.

Gergely Gulyás said the number of MEPs connected to Soros or organisations funded by him was “astonishing”.

Soros’ real goal is to find allies in Brussels to obstruct Hungarian migration policy and open the borders to migrants, he said.

“George Soros is as strong as the freely elected Hungarian opposition is weak”, especially internationally, he said.

Gulyás further accused the financier of launching an “attack” in 2008 against the largest Hungarian bank, causing severe damages to Hungarians with loans in foreign denominations, for which the Hungarian financial watchdog levied a 500 million forint (EUR 1.6m) fine.

The Fidesz group expects Wednesday’s EP debate in Brussels to make it clear that the issues that made Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accept the EP’s invitation do not belong in an EP plenary meeting at all, Gulyás said. Referring to the Central European University (CEU), he said never before had the issue of amendments affecting one part of a university’s dual legal standing gone before the EP.

The introduction of regulations affecting NGOs supported from aboard does not stand without an example, it serves transparency and Fidesz expects that the civil organisations that promote transparency will support the law, he said. He added that the law will not include any sanctions affecting their operations, only in case they fail to fulfil their obligation to declare the source of their financing.

In response to a question, he said current Hungarian legal regulations ensure the transparency of state support, including support paid by party foundations.

Referring to a letter by the Fidesz EP delegation to the European People’s Party, he said in response to a question that it explains Hungary’s moves and demonstrates that Hungary is always open to consensus with the European Commission.

In response to a question about the Strasbourg court’s ruling that Hungary must pay 3 million euros compensation to the Hungarian Evangelical Community led by Gabor Ivanyi, he said the state will appeal the decision.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI


  1. Donald J. Szabo

    I am a believer in self-determination. A just government has authority commensurate with accountability. Even if well meaning, Mr. Soros and his minions are an outside force with no accountability whatsoever. I’m not so sure that the EU has sufficient accountability either.

  2. Donald J. Szabo

    The pen is mightier than the sword. I can assure you that it is more powerful than George’s bags of money as well. Here in the U.S.A., in my hometown, he and his minions are quite active. People are starting to wake up in many places.

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