US financier George Soros “has sent an open declaration of war” to the democratically elected prime minister and the government of Hungary with his Brussels speech on Thursday, a MEP of the ruling Fidesz party said.

Tamás Deutsch told a press conference today that it had become apparent from his speech that Soros was ready to take any anti-democratic step to ensure the Hungarian government’s defeat.

He said George Soros had long been waging a war against Hungary without “an official declaration”, he said, adding that, now the declaration was explicit, Hungary was ready “to fight back”.

Deutsch said he would ask the European Commission to release the content of talks between Soros and the EU commissioner in charge of migration policy.



Fidesz protests European Commission allowing Soros remarks

The deputy group leader of the ruling Fidesz party has called it “intolerable” that billionaire George Soros was given an opportunity to speak at an event in Brussels, supported by the European Commission, and called Hungary a mafia state “in the presence of a commissioner”.

Gergely Gulyás told a press conference on Friday that the commission “does not even keep up appearances”. He demanded a “clear answer” as to “how that could have happened”.

Gulyás also expressed criticism concerning recent talks between László Botka, the PM candidate of Hungary’s opposition Socialists, and EC Vice President Frans Timmermans and Gianni Pittella, group leader of the European Socialists and Democrats, who have “indicated that they don’t want to see a fence along the Hungarian border and have handed several ultimatums to Hungary on the subject of accommodating migrants”.

Photo taken by Jeff Ooi

Source: MTI

  1. Why are people wasting time on ramblings of a senile old man. Money does not make you wise. I wonder if Soros or supporters are bribing the people in Brussels so his crazy statements can be published.

  2. Of course he is, i mean bribed supporters. He’s a looser form responding to a ‘foreign governments actions’, after all he is NOT, Hungarian, but a looser speculator American POS. He, i heard has an arrest warrant out for him by Putyin who along with some other leaders of state will eventually grab him and his likes and deal with the evil trash.

  3. Soros is an evil animal, and needs taking out life. He is old and past it. He is a ruination to mankind, and thinks of no one other than his decrepit self. HE HAS SO MUCH MONEY, HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT. We are thankful that we have a Prime Minister that is able to stand up for the Hungarian people. Soros is trying to ruin Europe, and to make more money before he dies, and he will try anything to do it. They should take his Hungarian and US passport away from him and put him into prison to rot.

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