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Budapest (MTI) – The ruling against Hungary by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for expelling two Bangladeshi migrants “goes against common and legal sense” and has “unmasked the fact that Soros-type migration organisations can earn tens of billions [of forints] in the migrant business”, the communications chief of the ruling Fidesz party said.

In a recent non-binding ruling, the ECtHR said Hungary had violated the European Convention on Human Rights by detaining the two asylum-seekers in the Roszke transit zone near Hungary’s southern border in the autumn of 2015. The court also said that authorities had later sent them back to Serbia, which the ECtHR said had put them under the risk of facing inhumane treatment in the Greek refugee reception centres. It ordered Hungary to pay the petitioners 18,705 euros each in compensation and legal fees.

Balázs Hidvéghi told a news conference that as well as having to pay damages, Hungary was also obliged to pay the legal costs of the [Hungarian] Helsinki Committee which brought the case.

“The Helsinki Committee supported by [American billionaire] George Soros sought out the two [Bangladeshi] men in order to use them in a cynical attack against Hungary,” he said, adding that in similar “absurd” rulings, Hungary has had to pay over 40 billion forints (EUR 130m) to organisations supported by Soros.

“So it’s even clearer now why Soros organisations are attacking Hungary so vehemently and in such an extreme way, and why they use every occasion to make our country pay in Europe and in other international forums,” he said. “As usual, when he attacks a country, George Soros gladly earns a little money on the side.”

Source: MTI

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  1. I had mentioned many times that the Open Space Institute was merely a ‘cover’ for Soros’ ‘Hungarian Agenda’…Now, it has really become very clear to me that he has his hand and his $$$$ in MANY parts of Europe….and, especially in Brussels!!! Get Soros out of politics and put him where he belongs: In Jail!!! Why is it no one sees that he is as EVIL as they come? He has it ‘Out’ for Hungary….for his own sick reasons….Treason is his middle name~

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