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The ruling Fidesz party plans to propose to parliament a wide-ranging package of legislative amendments based on a review of all child protection laws, with a view to preventing paedophilia and other forms of child abuse such as the production, collection and dissemination of child pornography, the head of the Fidesz parliamentary group said on Sunday.

“There can be no excuse or understanding for [people engaging in] paedophilia crimes,” Máté Kocsis said in an interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Radio.

Gábor Kaleta Hungarian Ambassador to Peru
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Referring to the recent case involving Gábor Kaleta, Hungary’s former ambassador to Peru who received a suspended prison sentence for possession of child pornography, Kocsis said the case highlighted various shortfalls in current Hungarian regulations.

Kocsis called the court ruling “problematic” and “weak”, and he said it was incomprehensible that the prosecutor’s office had not appealed for a stiffer sentence.

He said these were issues that needed to be addressed, adding that the new rules would have to be drawn up with extreme care.

Kocsis said he is personally heading a new working group to review Hungary’s child protection system. The group will comprise child protection specialists, lawyers, criminal law experts, the heads and staff of the relevant ministries, as well as Fidesz and Christian Democrat lawmakers.

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“Paedophilia crimes are such that the very thought of them should be punishable,” he said.

Source: MTI

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  1. Pedophiles should get no less than 20 years without possibility of early release and if caught for a 2nd offense life in prison without ever being released. Those lucky enough to be released should be added to a registered sex offender list with their address publicly available, Anytime they move required to get approval for the new place of abode, forced to wear GPS tracking and barred form any contact with children, barred from the internet, mobile and computers, barred from all social media and prohibited from living within 500 meters of any school, church park, playground or places that children frequent. Any violation of these rules after being released would earn them another prison sentence.
    If they were an employee of any governmental entity stripped of their pension if they had earned one.

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