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Fidesz will fight against any acceptance of the “United Nations’ migration package” and the government will not withdraw its “Stop Soros” bill, a spokesman for the ruling party told a news conference on Saturday. 

Appearing in front of the Budapest headquarters of the UNHCR, Balázs Hidvéghi reacted to a statement made by the head of the headquarters, Rupert Coleville, on Friday. Coleville said that the bill named after US billionaire George Soros unjustifiably restricted freedom of association and represented a continuation of the Hungarian government’s “attack on human rights and the civil sphere”.

Hidvéghi said the UN migration package was reminiscent of well-known aspects of the “Soros Plan”.

Fidesz’s message to the UN is that “the Hungarian people reject the UN migration package as well as terrorism and the NGOs that organise migration,” he said, adding that “Fidesz stands by the Hungarian people”.

He insisted that the UN package reflected the thinking of Soros, namely that “migration is a good thing and every country should undertake a settlement programme with the involvement of NGOs”. “It is precisely this kind of crazy mindset that leads to the admittance — which has happened over the past few years — of several thousand potential terrorists into Europe,” he added.

Source: MTI

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