You work! They steal.

Budapest, April 25 (MTI) – Fidesz will submit a bill this week on preventing political groupings from benefiting from secret party support thanks to billboard owners who allow party advertising at below market rates, the ruling party’s group leader said on Tuesday.

He said the law must make it difficult for billionaires to buy out political parties, so that control of the country is kept in the hands of voters instead of “a few oligarchs”.

On the topic of a proposed amendment to the labour code aimed at changing rules on working hours, Kósa said prior to a meeting of parliament’s economic committee that if it failed to reach an agreement on it, the government would continue negotiations on the proposal with businesses. The committee on Tuesday voted to have the bill withdrawn. Kósa said the primary aim in connection with the amendment was that workers’ interests are not compromised.

As regards Fidesz’s bill on the transparency of civil groups funded by foreign donors, Kósa said the ruling party had yet to receive a proposal in connection with the bill that could be incorporated into it. Answering a question, he said that if the bill were to be investigated by Brussels, the government would proceed as it had done in the past, adding that if necessary, it would challenge any ruling against the bill in court. He said that if the European Commission were to launch an infringement procedure against Hungary over the bill at the request of US billionaire George Soros, the government would see the procedure through.


Source: MTI

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