An iconic independent woman or an artist tortured by pain and love? Among others, this fundamental question is answered in Frida Kahlo’s newly published biographical movie Viva La Vida, in which we can get an insight into the most important stages of her life through the binoculars of her impressive art.
The iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was one of the most prominent artists of her age, whose impressive portraits, self-portraits have left an important mark in the world of arts. Nevertheless, few may know that her remarkable works and outstanding artistic talent was inspired by a stormy life, full of sacrifices and tragedies.
In the new biographical movie Viva La Vida – which will be shown in Hungarian art cinemas from 17th September – we learn about two aspects of Frida Kahlo’s multifaceted personality:
  • the revolutionary pioneer of contemporary feminism,
  • and the woman who was a prisoner of her own tortured body and stormy relationships.
As reports, the film recalls Frida’s own words based on her letters, diaries, and personal confessions; interviews colour the original documents.
Furthermore, we can also admire reconstructions of her paintings by, which are today preserved in Mexico’s most prominent museums.

Get an insight into Frida Kahlo’s tragic life is a profound experience that brings us even closer to her impressive art. The film expresses her strength as a woman and presents the painter who could only find solace in her paintings, reflecting all her pains with the power of art.

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