Frida Kahlo exhibition

Attracting more than 220,000 visitors, an exhibition of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in the Hungarian National Gallery has been Hungary’s most successful show of the past three years, the gallery said on Tuesday.

The exhibition shown between July 7 and November 4 featured more than thirty paintings and other works by Kahlo,

who was “probably the most iconic female artist of the 20th century,

the statement said.

Kahlo’s hallmark self-portraits, her very first canvas painted in 1927, as well as paintings and portraits inspired by the events in her life were lent by the Museo Dolores Olmedo in Mexico City.

Frida Kahlo exhibition

The exhibition was complete with sound and pictorial installations based on Kahlo’s diaries written in the last ten years of her life.

Featured image:éria

Source: MTI

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