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With huge Hollywood blockbusters laying out the red carpet in America, it can be easy to imagine that the films were shot in that country. However, when shooting a film, every tiny detail needs to be correct, including settings that even feature in the film for just a split second.

Hungary is an excellent location for tourist attractions, however some of our favourite blockbuster films were shot in Hungary, in both urban areas and serene, rural areas. If you want to relive some of the movie magic, renew your EHIC and head off to the film settings listed below!

A Good Day To Die Hard

Die Hard is a classic thriller movie that will be loved for decades to come, however the fifth instalment in the series A Good Day to Die Hard was another that was highly praised by film critics all across the world. Shot from April until the end of August, the film is supposedly meant to take place in Russia, however the crew only filmed in Russia for three days. Instead, most of the film was shot in 40 separate locations in Budapest, which explains the endless diversions and road closures during the filming of the movie. The dramatic motorway scenes in A Good Day to Die Hard were filmed on Hungary’s most modern motor-racing circuit, the Hunaroring in Mogyoród.


Once the book was published in 2013, the screen adaptation soon took place, and Inferno was soon available on the big screen 3 years later. The majority of the filming occurred in Budapest, with the shooting crew filming scenes there for 50 days. However, several scenes were also shot in Italy, as well as in Turkey. The plot for Inferno is set in Florence and Venice, meaning that Budapest needed to represent these two iconic cities perfectly. Interior scenes were massively important during shooting as well, with the Hungarian National Museum acting as Harvard University.

47 Ronin

If you’re a fan of Samurais and the Japanese culture, 47 Ronin is a film that you have to see. However, one of the most interesting aspects of this film is the fact that even though it’s completely set in Japan, not a scene in the film was shot there, which may explain why the movie never really rose to popularity in Japan. However, the film was a huge success in Hungary, as well as in other parts of Europe, so it deserved an honourable mention here. With stunning scenery throughout the entire film, you get to truly admire the natural beauty of Hungary, as well as the stunning architecture, too.


The highly praised American comedy, Spy, had numerous different scenes filmed in Hungary. This movie is truly unbelievable, with its unrealistic abundance of action-packed and comic situations. Budapest really shines in this film, as it makes an appearance in a countless number of scenes. Some of the main filming locations within the movie include Szent István Basilica, where we can see the legendary Melissa McCarthy chasing the villains on a moped, meaning that the Zrínyi utca was closed for an entire day! Moreover, Budavári Palace was also featured in the film, playing host to one of the many chase scenes within the film.

While not always being viewed as a prime destination for film shooting, Hungary, and Budapest in particular, have had their fair share in several popular Hollywood films! Showcasing both the beauty of nature and stunning architecture that the European country has on offer, we definitely agree that selecting Hungary was the perfect choice of setting.

Source: Daily News Hungary – press release

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