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Cornel Marculescu, Executive Director of FINA has announced: FINA is completely satisfied with the preparations for the summer FINA World Championships. He made this announcement at the last site visit in the Danube Arena.

“Budapest will add a new dimension to some of our disciplines”

A delegation of FINA officials – Executive Director, Cornel Marculescu, Head of FINA Marketing and TV, Peter Hall, Head of Protocol, Pavel Medvedev, Head of Communication, Pedro Adrega and board members of Dentsu, the marketing agency of FINA- have attended a five-day site visit of all World Championships sites and continued consulting with the Organising Committee.

Cornel Marculescu has noted with satisfaction that the debuting event of the Danube Arena, the Water Polo Final Six of the Champions League was concluded successfully and no problems occurred in the course of this key international event attended by thousands, which is a significant aspect regarding the upcoming World Championships.

Marculescu and Gyárfás

„The Organising Committee led by Tamás Gyárfás and Éva Szántó is doing a great job” – said the Director. – „It goes without saying that as the time is approaching excitement and anxiety is increasing whether everything will be ready by the time the event begins but I have seen preparations for all World Championships closely since 1986 including all the minute details and I can tell you Hungary is not behind schedule at all. Constructors have made an excellent job at the high diving venue and the synchronised swimming venue in the City Park promises to be fascinating, too. Seriously, this event will add a new dimension to several disciplines by hosting them in such extraordinary venues. Concerning the Danube Arena, it is really hard to find the right words to describe how special it is, since it is quite rare even at Olympics that swimming events take place in such an impressive facility.”

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World Championships are not only about competition: organisers shall provide help in the preparations for several other events by FINA. During the World Championships period the technical congresses of all disciplines as well as the selection congress take place. On top of that, FINA organises an impressive gala dinner for more than a thousand guests. The most appropriate venue to host such a prestigious event is the Hungarian State Opera. The Director, Szilveszter Ókovács had a meeting with Cornel Marculescu to discuss the details of the event taking place on 22 July.

Photo: Giorgio Scala, FINA

Source: FINA – Budapest2017

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