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Why does the Financial Times write about a chief editor being fired in Hungary? The whole world is talking about the Index case, and they are worried about the end of press freedom in Hungary. What is the Index case? Find out.

It has been quite clear that ever since he took power in 2010, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has focused on extending his influence over the media, using legal levers, ownership changes, and channelling advertising money towards media outlets providing more “loyal” coverage.

Global media has not been silent about press freedom being in danger in Hungary. Peter Klein, the host of an Austrian talk show called Gute Nacht Österreich, basically called out Viktor Orbán on TV, touching upon topics like how Orbán built his media empire.

Youtube/Gute Nacht Österreich
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The Index Case

People started paying more attention to what is happening to popular news outlet Index when Hungarian businessman Miklós Vaszily (chairman of pro-government TV2) bought a 50% stake in Indamedia, a holding company which controls the advertising revenue channels for Hungary’s most popular independent news site, media top
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Vaszily said in an interview that: “Their role is to operate a media company that is independent of all political sides and likeable for readers of all world views, and to be the largest.” This is coming from the same man who was formerly chief executive of another Hungarian independent website ( which basically turned into a pro-government outlet under his management. He subsequently became chief executive of the Hungarian state media conglomerate, widely seen as a government mouthpiece, before joining TV2.

Shortly after Vaszily’s involvement, Szabolcs Dull, editor in chief at Index, put a barometer on their website indicating whether Index is “independent”, “in danger”, or “not independent.” In June 2020, the barometer shifted toward “in danger.”

Dull also shared details of a possible re-organisation of the staff at Index. There was a proposal that Index would remain the vessel, but content creation would be outsourced to other companies.

Not long after this, Dull was fired from Index.

The editor of another well-known independent news site told the Financial Times:

“This is a very, very worrying sign. I am extremely pessimistic about the outlook of free media or pluralistic public discourse in Hungary.”

Symptoms of a bigger problem

Reporters Without Borders, one of the leading organisations defending the rights of journalists and promoting the freedom of information, has published its annual index in April, evaluating the degree of press freedom in 180 countries and territories. Hungary finished among the last 10 European countries (89th). The level of media control in Hungary was “unprecedented in an EU member state”. 

2020 World Press Freedom Index map
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Even Vice President of the European Commission Věra Jourová showed solidarity with the journalists of Index stating in a letter that “What you are doing, the values you are fighting for, media freedom and pluralism, are essential for democracy, and for Europe – and all the supporting messages of your readers testify of the importance of your work”. 

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Source:; Daily News Hungary

  1. Anything that UK media says will always have a leftist slant and hatred of Orban. Lets face it. Orban is hated because he is doing whats good for the people of Hungary NOT what is good for the New World Order open borders crowd of Soros lap dogs. Good job Victor.

  2. Nothing we did not know already, neverthless FT did well reminding us thst soon time may come when all media in Hungary will be controlled by the same people. And DNH does well in reporting.

  3. I would give more credit to all these critics if they would put on a tenth of the pressure they exert on Orban on the likes of Justin Trudeau, which bailed out the media with $600 million CAD last year, effectively buying them into perennial support, while banning real independent outlets such as The Rebel Media and The True North from the electoral debates last year. Notwithstanding a last minute court order to allow the reporters to take part in the question and answer session, little Justin came back full force and used taxpayers’ money to investigate and charge the head of The Rebel Media for daring to publish a book portraying him negatively.
    So, as long as these “observers” of Hungary’s lack of press freedom don’t give a crap about everyone’s freedom, why would anybody should take them seriously? Let them fight for free press in Cuba, China, Venezuela, North Korea first and then come back to us with a restored credibility.

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