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Budapest is a buzzing treasure in the heart of Europe, with 1.74 million people living here. Sights, nightlife, culture, excellent schools, food – you name it, and Budapest has it. No wonder then that the majority of the 143 thousand foreigners who relocate to Hungary live in Budapest. However, one major challenge that all foreigners in Budapest must face is finding a proper apartment to rent. This is no small task even for an experienced traveller, so how can students and new ex-pats tackle this challenge?

Traps of relocation

If you are trying to hunt for a rental home online, you need to roll up your sleeves. You are entering an unfamiliar housing market with no prior knowledge about the locations and fair prices. Local landlords often treat foreigners with suspicion, or what’s worse: they may try to take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the local circumstances.

Language is also an issue.

Hungarian is a difficult language to master, but finding a landlord who can speak proper English may prove just as tricky.

It would help if you also felt safe when moving to a new location. Getting to know the city takes time, so you might find yourself in an area that is not completely pleasant or end up renting from a landlord who simply disappears as soon as you need him to fix the water heater or the toilet. The consequences are quite sh…, well, you can imagine.

Who can you trust?

It is a much safer option to rent from a professional real estate management company when starting fresh in a foreign country.

But be aware: if you are using the services of a company that is only serving as an intermediary, you may end up in the exact same situation as you were before – only way more expensive.

Flatco Real Estate solves all these problems with ease and elegance.

Flatco directly owns and manages a broad portfolio of real estates that easily meet any demand with great design and perfect conditions. Every tenant is assigned an English speaking property manager who takes care of any maintenance issue within hours. The company keeps its own maintenance crew that can handle any technical problem, so spending Christmas eve with no heating is off the table for good. 

apartment to rent in budapest hungary flatco
Photo: Flatco
apartment to rent in budapest madarász38_lakopark
Photo: Flatco

The Flatco homes answer all your needs

Are you a student looking for a decent and affordable studio right next to transportation lines? Are you an ex-pat who brings his family to the city, and you need a cosy home close to schools and supermarkets? Flatco have you covered. 

With newly built apartments at key locations in the city, Flatco homes are a comfortable, high quality and safe choice.

Their portfolio includes a large selection of apartments from studios to spacious three-bedroom apartments and can be comfortable no matter if you are renting alone, with a partner or with friends or family.

There’s more! Flatco is the only company in Budapest that offers potential tenants the option to take virtual 3D tours of its rental apartments online, so you can explore the property first hand without having to leave your sofa!

apartment to rent in budapest
Photo: Flatco
apartment to rent in budapest madarasz_kozos_szauna
Photo: Flatco

How about the prices?

Now, you might think that all these goodies come with a scary price tag, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Flatco’s prices are no higher than average rent in the same category in Budapest. The secret is that Flatco own and directly lease all their apartments, so you cut out the middleman’s cost.

All prices are published regularly on their website for all to see, and the lease agreement is a standard and transparent one with no tricks or hidden fees.

Check out their website now to find your dream apartment for great prices at a fantastic location today.

madarasz kozos konditerem
Photo: Flatco
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Photo: Flatco

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