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In the early afternoon of January 1, the female giraffe Santana gave birth to a calf in the Budapest Zoo, writes.

Soon after the birth, the calf stood up and took its first steps, as it is customary to the species.

The mother and the calf are currently placed in a separate stable to assure their peace, but in a few days visitors will be allowed to see the newborn giraffe. Later this month, the new calf will be introduced to the other giraffes, as well.

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Santana, the mother is the oldest giraffe at the zoo. She was born in 1996 in Liberec, in the Czech Republic, and arrived in Budapest in 1997. She will turn 21 this year, which is a great age considering that giraffes in the wild usually live for 20-25 years, although the animals often live much longer than that in captivity.

Since 1868, 32 healthy giraffe calves have been born in the Budapest Zoo. Currently three females, one male, two calves born in 2015, and the newborn baby represent the species in the zoo.


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