Who would have thought that the perfect place to make music, to listen to music and to have fun all at the same time would be in a camp next to Lake Orfű hidden in the heart of Baranya county? The Fishing on Orfű Festival first came to be in 2008 and have been a massive favourite since then.

The festival, which was first put together in 2008, was named after Kiscsillag’s — an alternative rock band from Pécs — album and song called Fishing on Orfű. One of the founders of the festival is actually a member of the band, András Lovasi. Panorama Camp in Orfű gives place to the event, which is about 15 kilometres from Pécs, and there are particular bus services at the time of the festival, so festival-goers have easy access to the location.

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The event not only offers concerts on nine different stages but other non-music-related programs as well. These programs include hikes, gourmet, special cheese tasting, introduction to the mystical world of coffee-making and much, much more.

There are family- and child- friendly programs as well, which is great for those who do not want to leave their little ones behind. There is a treasure hunt around the Medvehagyma House — not far from the festival scene — for adventurous youngsters. The entry for children under 12 — with an adult guardian, of course — is free.


Are you a musician yourself? Do you have a band waiting for your big break? Is FOO one of your favourite festivals where you would love to perform?

For the 2nd year now, FOO announced the Big Fishing-talent search. They have always tried to introduce lesser-known but special artists to their audience. First, the festival’s management picks ten bands, and ten solo or duo performers, then they give their audience a chance to pick who they would like to see. The festival-goers can vote and pick their top three in both categories, who then will perform at the festival. The festival pays for their trip as well as give them a weekly pass.

This year, the winners of the big talent search are:

The bands: Duckshell, Heavenhike and Cedar Knoll.

The solo/duos: Hó Márton, Nagy Bettyy & Kajli Lackó and Linoleum. Congratulations to them!


The festival pays attention to involve their audience as much as possible, making them not simply people who just go there to listen to some music but a true part of the festival as well. The festival-goers not only get to pick which upcoming talent they would like to see but also the names of the big stages.

For the 5th year in a row now, FOO asked their audience to pick the names of the big stages. That is five years of the biggest stages of the festival not being named after sponsors. The party-goers had to vote on song titles, and the two titles with the most votes would be the namesake of the stages. This year, the winners were: Csavargó big stage, and Eszik A Dönert A Nagyorrú Lányok big stage.


This year’s list of performers will include bigger and smaller names, — as it does each year —, such as Esti Kornél, Kiscsillag, Kistehén and Blahalouisiana, and many more fan favourites, of course.

In other words: if you like music, (making new) friends, having fun, food, great programs and lakesides, this is the place for you 😉

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You can check out the list of performers HERE.

You can get tickets HERE, but be quick because not many are left.

And you can watch videos of concerts from the previous years HERE if you still need some convincing to attend.

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/fishingonorfu

Source: Daily News Hungary

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