La Liste was created by the French Foreign Ministry to objectively rank the best 1000 restaurants in the world. There are crucial differences between the French La Liste and the prestigious British Restaurant Magazine’s yearly list that also collects the best restaurants in the world. Five Hungarian restaurants – the Onyx, Costes, Babel Budapest, Csalogány 26, and Tanti – made it to La Liste, reports

There are many lists in the world that rank the best restaurants, such as the ones made by TripAdvisor, but the Restaurant Magazine’s list has always been viewed as the norm. In order to make completely unbiased lists (The World’s 10, 50, 100 Best Restaurants) almost a thousand prestigious professionals, chefs, journalists and food experts cast their votes every year since 2002.

La Liste – The world’s 1000 best restaurants was created by the French Foreign Ministry and it’s the first list which can be a rival to the British list. La Liste also claims to be completely unbiased, and was created by analysing almost 200 international gastronomic guide’s evaluations on the biggest social websites, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, or L’Internaute. The creators also revised the rates given by several gourmet blogs, major local and international experts. The making of La Liste cost €329.000 according to the New York Times, and its main sponsors were Nestlé and Moët Hennessy.

There are several major differences between the British and the French list; the first 10 restaurants are almost completely different and La Liste has more French restaurants than the British ranking. La Liste consists of 48 different countries: most of the restaurants are Japanese (126), France comes in second (118), the United States is third (101), than comes China (69), Spain (59), Italy (50), and Germany (50).  The remaining 427 places are divided among 41 countries.

The new list also mentions several Hungarian restaurants from Budapest: Onyx (778), Costes (856), Tanti restaurant (998) (these are all one Michelin-starred restaurants), and Babel Budapest (964) as well as Csalogány 26 (971).

Here are the top 10 restaurants according to La Liste:

1.Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville (Switzerland), 2. Per Se (USA), 3. Kyo Aji (Japan), 4. Guy Savoy (France), 5. Schauenstein (Switzerland), 6. El Celler de Can Roca (Spain), 7. Kyubei (Japan), 8. Troisgros (France), 9. Auberge du Vieux Puits (France), 10. Joël Robuchon (Japan).

Cover photo: Costes Restaurant Facebook page

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