The 200-year-old iconic Hungarian porcelain manufactory called Herendi is an essential part of the country’s culture. It is considered to be a luxury brand, and ever since Queen Victoria, the richest parts of the world have an aching desire to own a piece.

Forbes reported five interesting facts about Herendi you might not have known until now. 

It is well-known abroad and not just in Hungary

Herendi is the biggest porcelain manufactory among luxurious factories in the world today. With 700-750 employees, the manufactory exports porcelain all over the globe including the USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and Arabic regions. 

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It had its lowest point in the past

The brand faced hard times fifteen years ago when the number of sales severely decreased. By the end of 2005, the manufactory lost almost 1 billion HUF (3 million EUR) and got into a debt of 2 million HUF (6 million EUR). 

Herendi, porcelain, manufactory, Hungary

Who the manufactory belongs to

Herend is 25% state property, but the leftover 75% belongs to its employees. If someone decides to leave the company or retire, the finances will be paid back as soon as possible. In 2018, 145 million HUF was paid (418,000 EUR). 

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Herendi is a beautiful lady

The director of the company, Attila Simon, considers Herendi to be the greatest love of his life. Simon reports that the manufactory is like a lady wearing a seductive perfume. 

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Herend or Herendi?

Among Hungarians, many call the manufactory Herendi, but for 190 years, only Herend could be read on the products. If we are talking about the brand itself, both are correct. 

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