Dunaszerdahely commemorates to the fifth anniversary of the bloody crackdown by Slovakian brutal cops on Hungarian football fans at the Dunaszerdahely football stadium during DAC – Slovan football match.

The clampdown took place on Novermber 1, 2008. Slovakian riot police stormed the Hungarian sector of Dunaszerdahely football stadium during the DAC – Slovan football match and beat up everyone indiscriminately, even those that went to help the injured. Due to the brutal attack more than fifty fans suffered injuries. One of them had to be revived on the scene as police broke his jaw, his scull and as a result of the assault, the victim suffered spinal cord injury and hearing loss. The implicit goal of the police clampdown was to intimidate Slovakia’s Hungarian minority.

“It’s been five years since the police unjustifiably attacked the Hungarian fans and since then every year we have been commemorating the sad event. This year, we remember with a photo exhibition” said the head of the Pázmáneum Civic Association Attila Karaffa. He added that since the incident fans hold memorial processions every year and light candles on the spot where the brutal attack took place.

Photo: alfahir.hu

Video: http://ultrasliberi.hu/

Source: http://www.hungarianambiance.com/

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  1. Have a good day!

    This is a disgrace to Europe! Where are the defenders in this case and the EU? What they imagine themselves in Slovakia? This is not normal human behavior. The former left-wing liberal Hungarian Government has not done anything! Nowhere in the world is such a common problem that supporters attacked peaceful provide “police”! Bring HUNGARIAN!
    Jó napot kívánok!

    Ez európa szégyene ! Hol vannak ilyenkor a jogvédők és az eu? Szlovákiában mit képzelnek magukról? ez nem normális emberi viselkedés . Az akkori baloldali liberális Magyar kormány meg semmit nem tett! Ilyen soha sehol a világon nem történhet meg többé, hogy a békés szurkolókra rátámadjanak “rendőrök” !! Hajrá MAGYAROK!!!

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