Budapest, July 14 (MTI) – Immigration will have “tremendous ramifications” for Europe unless a common solution to the problem is identified, foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony at Budapest’s Corvinus University (BCU), Szijjarto insisted that “Europe is now at war”. He argued that “what happens in the Middle East directly impacts Europe” and said that “the most brutal terrorist organisation of the world is now knocking on our door”.

On another subject, Szijjarto referred to Greece and said that “mainstream economic policies have failed in some areas” and “such changes divide countries into winners and losers”. Hungary, he suggested, has managed to be in the former category because it was “brave” enough to apply “different” economic methods which have stood the test.

Szijjarto also praised BCU for its ability to react to challenges of a rapidly changing world and ensure that its graduates are equipped with competitive qualifications.

Photo: MTI


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