Foreign investors are returning to Hungary, many of them from China and the Middle East, writes.

Since the beginning of the year there has been an increase in interest for Hungarian properties, especially plots suitable for development or investment.

VAT cuts and the recently introduced financial aid for new families (CSOK) are named among the reasons for developers’ interest in estates.

Hotels are becoming more sought after due to the boom in the tourism sector, and there is a growing demand for office buildings in Budapest as well as other major cities, both from future investors and current businesses looking to expand.

Foreign buyers are returning to Hungary as well. Although Hungarian developers still constitute the majority, investors from the Middle East, Russia, and China are looking for opportunities on the Hungarian real estate market, and Western European companies are said to be on the lookout for Hungarian properties as well.

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  1. It is idiotic to sell Hungarian properties and estates to other nationals. Do we value our country so little that we are willing to sell out ? This will have dire consecvances.
    The money will be spent but the land will be gone. How do we explain this to future generations?

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