Budapest, 2017. szeptember 28. A Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium (KKM) által közreadott képen Szijjártó Péter külgazdasági és külügyminiszter (j) fogadja Habib el-Malkit, a marokkói képviselõház elnökét a Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztériumban 2017. szeptember 28-án. MTI Fotó: Kkm / Kovács Márton

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó held talks with the house speaker of Morocco, Habib El Malki, the foreign ministry said on Thursday.

The sides were in agreement that the migration crisis could be resolved only if its causes are handled, the statement showed.

It is dangerous to the countries of north Africa if Europe repeatedly encourages people to leave their homes because this strengthens the flow of refugees through north Africa. It is therefore also in the interest of northern African countries that the European Union should clearly state that it will not allow illegal migrants to enter, the statement added.

It was noted that four weekly direct flights will be launched between Hungary and Morocco at the end of October, so Budapest will be directly linked to Marrakesh and Agadir.

Additionally, 99 Moroccan students started their studies at Hungarian universities in September.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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