Budapest, September 16 (MTI) – Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Wednesday said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s comments on developments in Hungary are “bizarre and outrageous” and “are not based on facts”.

Earlier the UN secretary-general said he has been “shocked to see the way refugees and migrants have been treated” and called Hungary’s actions “unacceptable”. He said all countries have their own domestic problems, but stressed that people stranded outside Hungary’s border were refugees.

Szijjarto said in response that the people Ban was referring to were “aggressive migrants” who had attacked police, injuring 14 of them. “Police were shielding a mother and her child who were swept away by the crowd. I am sorry but the UN secretary-general’s comments are not based on facts,” the minister said.

Photo: MTI


  1. I wonder why this UN-IDIOT didn’t say anything about the violence of the refugees
    that are not really refugees but terrorists. What happened today only proves that Hungary is right that they didn’t let them get in…what normal country will let terrorists willingly in?!

  2. Migrants were throwing stones. In Belgium’s 16 September television news at 1 pm “refugees” were throwing plastic water bottles. The objective journalist facts selection procedure is remarkable…

  3. Yet another who does not live in the real world and refuses to believe the evidence of their own eye. Shut up unless you have something constructive to say.

  4. You are being invaded, Hungary. Defend yourself because the UN, EU and Germany isn’t going to be there to help you when there are more foreigners in your country than Hungarians. They don’t want to become Hungarians, they want everything you have but want it handed to them without so much as an invitation.

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