Afghan President seeks peaceful agreement with Taliban before elections

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Hungarians are shockingly bad at disposing of e-waste

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Hungary ranked 33rd in global innovation

Budapest, August 17 (MTI) – Hungary has improved its position in the global innovation index compiled by the United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), ranking […]

MUNAPEST – Revolutionizing Model UNs

The MUNAPEST conference is Hungary’s only Model United Nations Conference (MUN) at a university level. Nine interconnected Committees, a next-level professional challenge and amazing socials, organised […]

President Ader addresses Paris climate summit – UPDATE

Budapest, November 30 (MTI) – Decision-makers have a responsibility to prevent the harmful effects of climate change on civilisation, Hungary’s President Janos Ader said in his […]

The World Science Forum in Budapest – Science vital for sustainable development, UN chief says in message

Budapest, November 5 (MTI) – Science, technology and innovation are vital ingredients towards achieving the sustainable development goals adopted under the 2030 Agenda, the secretary general […]

Szijjarto: Migration pressure will increase

Budapest, October 5 (MTI) – The pressure of migration as a global problem is expected to increase, the foreign minister said on Monday, giving a briefing […]

Migration requires global solution, Szijjarto tells UN

New York, October 3 (MTI) – Migration is a global problem that requires a global solution, the Hungarian foreign minister said at the United Nations General […]

Szijjarto urges global cooperation in countering terrorism

New York, October 1 (MTI) – Countering terrorism in the Middle East is only possible by global cooperation, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at a special […]

Orban addresses UN General Assembly on migration

New York (MTI) – The obstacle to finding a solution to the current migration crisis was a lack of consensus on “the nature of the challenge”, […]

Szijjarto in NY: Resolve Syrian conflict to stop European migrant crisis

New York, September 29 (MTI) – The European migrant crisis cannot be resolved without putting an end to the conflict in Syria, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto […]

Hungary to propose global refugee quotas at UN General Assembly, says Szijjarto

New York, September 28 (MTI) – Hungary will propose introducing global refugee quotas at the ongoing UN General Assembly session, so that global powers who “had […]

Ministry asks UN reps to understand facts before judging Hungary situation

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s Foreign Ministry asks representatives of the United Nations to stop assessing the situation in Hungary based on “one-sided media coverage”, the ministry […]

Ader asks UN to grant more aid to Syrian refugees

New York, September 27 (MTI) – Hungarian President Janos Ader has asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to raise the amount of UN aid for Syrian refugees. […]

Millions of refugees coming to Europe, confirmed – Photos

The MTI said, the UN officials have warned that by the end of the year the number of refugees coming to Europe may reach 10 million. […]

UN under-secretary general promotes “solidarity levy” to help tackle migrant crisis

Budapest (MTI) – The United Nations’ under-secretary general asked all EU member states to introduce a “solidarity levy” on financial transactions to help tackle the migration […]

Foreign Minister: UN secretary-general’s statement “bizarre, outrageous”

Budapest, September 16 (MTI) – Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Wednesday said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s comments on developments in Hungary are “bizarre and outrageous” and […]

Balog: we secretly granted citizenship to a thousand Eastern Christian families

Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balog defended the cabinet’s position on asylum by saying that Hungary accepted a thousand Eastern Christian families from Iraq and Egypt […]

UN chief sends video message to Hungarians in support of president’s climate action call

Budapest, June 20 (MTI) – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has thanked the Hungarian president for his initiative on climate change and urged Hungarians to join in […]

Szijjarto: Hungary to spend HUF 250m on humanitarian aid in 2015

Budapest, February 3 (MTI) – Hungary is planning to spend 250 million forints (EUR 807,000) on humanitarian aid this year, focusing on protection for Christian communities […]