Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balog defended the cabinet’s position on asylum by saying that Hungary accepted a thousand Eastern Christian families from Iraq and Egypt in 2013-2014, with the exclusion of the public and granting Hungarian citizenship. In addition, he repeated the words of Viktor Orban according to which refugees do not come here, said.

Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balog said this at the conference organized for the help of prosecuted minorities in the Middle East in Paris, with the participation of 56 countries and 11 international organizations. The families were accepted by the government on the basis of local Christian leaders’ certificates, Balog said, adding that they were persecuted people who actually had to flee.

Balog spoke at the conference that many people wanted to show the construction of the Hungarian border lock as a barbarous act, but according to his words “the fight is not between inhumanity and humanity, but between those who know what they want and those  who are helpless”. According to the minister, the large part of the European leaders belong to the latter, who do not know what message to speak to the migrants and “they create chaos by saying come and do not come at the one time”.

“We clearly say that do not come, because it makes no sense, and we should help that they (the migrants) can stay where they are, and a clear distinction must be made between economic migrants and those refugees, whom we already helped and we will” – the minister said. “But we cannot accept that others illegally impose us to turn our country into a refugee camp, and we think it is a serious danger for Europe as well” – he added.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made a EUR 25 million donation in the name of France at the conference to create a fund from which those who settle back would be supported, schools would be built and houses would be renovated, said.

According to Zoltan Balog, information must be strengthened and an action must be taken against human trafficking to make sure middle-class people do not waste their money to “bring them to Europe, to the nowhere”. The decision on the convocation of the conference was made at the March meeting of the UN Security Council and it will be followed by another in Spain at the beginning of 2016.

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  2. Joe Miano,
    any one can quote scriptures from the bible, but do you honestly know what this world, let alone Europe, will turn into in the not too distant future? There is only one reason why Muslams are entering Europe, and that is domination. Have you kept up with the horrific news in Siria and Iraq, where the IS is constantly murdering inocent christians because the Muslams want to rule the country without Christians. The IS are even paying there own kind to migrate to Europe to infiltrate in European, caucasian societies, so that in 2 or 3 generations they will be in a position to dominate Europeans, take away there Christian religeons and live the life they have in Siria and Iraq. If you are a devoted Christian, you would stick together and stop this intrusion before it is too late.

  3. @Maté Pál

    Joe, above is either a troll or problem in disguise. As posted on a few other articles, check out this link showing “compasionate Sweden’ and what Germany is going to being having to deal with over the next few years and on. Orban hinted to Germany accordingly, i personally don’t call these stats racism. Let the readership decide…

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