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Budapest, September 1 (MTI) – Any conclusion to the Europe-US TTIP trade talks is far off and no meaningful deductions can be drawn concerning the final negotiating package, the ministry of foreign affairs and trade said on Thursday.

Responding to a request for comment by MTI, the ministry said the “sensitive positions” of Hungary will be advanced maximally in European Union debates.

Commenting on reports of negative opinions voiced by various leading EU politicians regarding TTIP, the ministry said these had been put forward with domestic politics in mind, given approaching parliamentary elections. Also, the US has an inflexible position due to the approaching presidential election, it added.

Hungary, from the very beginning, has taken part in the free-trade negotiations, representing Hungarian interests towards a balanced and mutually advantageous agreement, the statement said.

Hungarian lawmakers have asked the government to represent the position in the European Union’s decision-making process that the implementation of the putative agreements should only take place after the parliaments of EU member states have ratified them, the ministry noted.

Source: MTI

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