Hungary is a beloved tourist spot for both those who know the country very well and those who have only visited it once. Now, published a survey after questioning foreigners about all the reasons they love our little country.

What makes Hungary a popular tourist destination besides the many sights, are the numerous thermal baths and the fact that it is an affordable and safe destination – reveals the survey conducted by the Hévíz-based NaturMed Hotel Carbona, which asked travel agencies at home and abroad as well. According to agencies that specialise in organising thermal trips, important aspects for tourists to consider include the diverse gastronomy of the country as well as the welcoming hospitality.

What is the tourists’ favourite part about Hungary?

Hévíz Bath

Besides the growing number of tourists, the money they spend in the country is also increasing, according to data by the KSH. The seemingly booming tourism led NaturMed Hotel Carbona, one of the biggest hotels in Hévíz, to figure out why tourists actually decide to come to Hungary. Participants of the survey were both Hungarian and foreign travel agencies that focus on organising trips to thermal baths and are very familiar with the tourists’ motivation.

The survey shows that Hungary is a favourite destination in Europe when it comes to thermal baths, partly for being an affordable country but also because it is safe to travel to.

Tourists feel that Hungary excels in various areas, including health care services, medical and spa tourism, not to mention the famous Hungarian gastronomy. Some tourists stay for just a few days while others choose to visit the country for over a week. Thermal baths primarily attract middle-aged people and the elderly.

  1. offers numerous thermal baths
  2. affordable
  3. safe
  4. friendly
  5. diverse and quality gastronomy

An answer to rheumatic patients’ problems

Another thing revealed by the survey are the problems visitors hope to cure with thermal treatment. The most common reasons include rheumatoid diseases, arthritis, spinal diseases, treating joint diseases pre- and post-surgery as well as intervertebral disc surgery. However, many guests arrive with no specific problems. They only come to maintain their good health or receive general treatment.

Natural wonders of Hévíz

The primary catalyst in choosing the right city as a holiday destination is the thermal water, of course. However, other factors play a part as well. Some of the most attractive things Hévíz has to offer are the natural wonders, the atmosphere of the city, the sloping hills as well as the high quality of the hospitality and the affordable prices.


Affordability points to choosing Zalakaros or Sárvár as a destination, while the great location is a bonus for choosing Budapest or Sárvár. Budapest is a favourite because it is easily accessible and has a great public transport system, not to mention the plethora of cultural programmes on offer or the excellent reputation of the city’s baths, while Sárvár’s proximity to the Austrian border also draws crowds of tourists.

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