Most Hungarians adore Lake Balaton, and we like to think of it as the “Hungarian Sea”. It’s not only a great staycation/vacation destination all year round, but it is also known for its beautiful natural wonders.

We shared an article about the work of Norbert Varga last year, and now we’re getting back to him because he recently published a “Best of 2017 Balaton” video montage, which perfectly captures the diverse beauty of the region.

In the description, he says that the video is the result of his and his drone’s first whole season at Lake Balaton. He went out to film from time to time between January and December, and he was always dazzled by nature.

The main characters of the video are the lake itself, the Badacsony region, the Káli Basin and all of the monadnocks.

The drone has seen all four seasons and captured beautiful footage of huge ice-floats, blooming rape fields, reaped cornfields and so on…

You have to look at it for yourself 😉

Featured image:


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