Pécs, Hungary, city
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Hungary is a beautiful country and one which is rich in cultural traditions. Ever since its rose to prominence by the end of the 80s, this country is a popular tourist destination for the entire world. Every year, the country is flocked by millions of tourists who add to the economy’s tourism industry in a positive way. The country is a blend of historical and many cultural sites to visit. So if you swoon over history, Hungary is the right spot for you. With so many facilities, it becomes difficult to narrow down the list to just 4. So continue reading about the top 4 things you must do in Hungary:

  1. Visit the Great Market Hall, Budapest

Although there are several markets in Hungary, one in Budapest is the most iconic one to visit. It is located close to the banks of Danube and is a well carved, neogothic building. During the visit, you will come across a vast array of farmers and traders, selling the local produce. However, you will also come across a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and souvenirs on the ground floor. So if you want to buy the ethnic souvenirs from this place, you can get everything from the Great Market Hall.

Fővám tér square Great Market Hall vásárcsarnok
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  1. Cave Bath, Miskolctapolca

The Cave Bath is a must-visit attraction for somebody who swoons over calm water. This thermal spa is encrusted in the natural cave system and can only be explored if you want to go swimming there. The water is clean and set at a moderate temperature of 30C. The clean water is rich in minerals and very good for health.

You will be surprised to know, the history of thermal water dates back to the 17th century but only gained popularity after the beginning of the 20th century.

If you’re travelling with a physically challenged person, you can look for restrooms with commodes in them.

  1. Danube River Cruise

For many years, the Danube has been acknowledged as the most famous attraction of Hungary and most European states. So if you are a big fan of cruises, don’t forget to visit different sites of the Danube from a different perspective. Cruising is fun, especially if you’re travelling with family. Whether you choose to set out at night or take the Danube bend, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city anytime. Once you arrive in Hungary, you can contact boat companies to arrange a cruise trip for you.

budapest danube boat

  1. Mosque of Pasha Qasim

This beautiful building in Pécs was erected back in the 16th century when the Ottoman Empire was still reigning the country.

Originally it was carved as a mosque, but now it is being used as a Catholic Church. It is acknowledged as one of the most iconic Turkish architectures in the world. Despite the place being used as a Church, many parts of the mosque are inscribed with the verses of the Quran. Visitors are not allowed to flock to the Church during religious ceremonies.

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